French canadian dating etiquette

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French canadian dating etiquette

We don't make a big deal about manners and etiquette -- but to Americans we seem formal because of our "closed" accent, and our frequent use of "please" and "thank-you".

It is in that respect that Americans are most likely to mis-step.

In Belgium, a sensitive issue is the relations between Dutch and French speakers.

You should avoid questions or comments on that topic. Belgians are known for their auto derision and their sense of humour (although, of course, there are exceptions).

I routinely hear people say "thank-you" four or five times while paying for their groceries.

Throw in a generous sprinkling of "pleases" even when all you are being offered is a choice of vegetables or the option of caramel on your latte; and of "you're welcomes" when someone thanks you -- never, ever the unconscious American "unh-hunh" which means the same as "you're welcome" in American vernacular, but which in Canadian vernacular comes across as "yeah, whatever, I don't need any thanks from the likes of you!

But we have the habit -- call it a conversational tic, if you like, of saying Thank-you even for the tiny things: Say thank-you to each server in the cafeteria line who serves something onto your tray, even if there are half a dozen of them.

Say thank-you to the cashier who politely informs you what you must pay.

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On the other hand, Belgian culture is more formal than Canadian culture.

An extensive use of the words "thank you" and "sorry" is recommended.

Say "yes, please" or "no, thank-you" when she asks you whether you want your receipt.

Say thank-you again when she hands you your change.

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If the question is being asked from some other perspective than American, I would probably answer somewhat differently, but perhaps the following advice will help regardless.

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